Paigey—a micro-wearable that delivers the notifications you need
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Put your phone in its place.

Paigey is a discreet notifications wearable that will change your relationship with your phone. It stays near you, filtering your notifications, so you can keep your phone out of sight and enjoy the moment.

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Paigey pulses with the notifications you want to get—such as calls or messages from your family, preschool, or calendar reminders—and leaves the rest for you to check later on your phone.  

Get notified when your phone is in your bag, purse, or off your body. If you're constantly distracted by your phone, Paigey can also help. It'll filter out all but the most important notifications so you can enjoy the moment.

You don't need to make a fashion statement with your wearables. Paigey is small enough (7.7mm thick) that it's unnoticeable when worn under clothing, and it stays securely on.

Wear Paigey on a bra strap, waistband or belt loop.
Paigey comes in black and white to match any occasion.

Paigey comes in black and white to match any occasion. It has 10-day battery life and charges wirelessly for convenience.  

The Paigey app works with any Android or iOS device that has Bluetooth Low Energy.